Friends of the Ouachita Trail (FoOT), non-profit organization of trail users dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the Ouachita National Recreation Trail.
Arkansas Gives On   6   April,   2017,   the   Arkansas   Community   Foundation   is   hosting   Arkansas   Gives   2017 .         FoOT   has registered   to   be   a   part   of   this   statewide   donation   event   for   nonprofits.         We   would   like   to   encourage   all FoOT   members   to   consider   making   a   donation   to   assist   FoOT   in   its   work   to   maintain   and   improve   the trails   in   the   Ouachita   Mountains   with   emphasis   on   the   OT.         You   may   be   aware   that,   among   other things,   the   OT   Trail   Shelter   Project   has   recently   been   completed.         Now   there   overnight   shelters approximately every 10 miles along the entire length of the OT.   Arkansas Gives 2017 begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 8 p.m. on April 6.   Some details: The link to the FoOT donation page for this event is: https://www.arkansasgives.org/organizations/friends-of-the-ouachita-trail Donations are by credit card only. $25.00 minimum Thank   you   for   your   support   of   FoOT.         Your   contributions   of   money   and   time   allow   FoOT   to   do   the important work of keeping this national trail in top shape for use by the outdoor community. If there are any questions about this event, please contact me. Richard Lawrence Secretary/Treasurer Law28@aristotle.net 501.690.3604